Her Dream About “Ilalang”

Hm, you must be dont know what’s “Ilalang”. It’s a wildgrass in tropical country. It latin name’s Imperata Cylindrica. Other country named it as “Cogon Grass”. She really…. yearned that grass. I dont know why. Maybe…..cause she has some nice memories with Ilalang. If she bored with something, she imagine that grass. As if the graas in the front of her. That’s why I call her with My Ilalang Woman. In Indonesian language Perempuan Ilalangku.

Here’s her note about Ilalang:

it’s was me The Ilalang’s quite and distant. Undulating in the breeze, to the left and right, sometimes iamlessly. I was lonely distant reeds there. Far away from the busy people with all thir activities. Iam the grass is far away from all the word goes wild. I weed it is.