Stories of My Windows

A window for me….was a place where I can see the world. Sometimes, I just watch the outside from my windows. Every windows have their own story. It also give us some inspiration. Look at those windows, there’re some windows of mine.

Firs one, hm…more dark, because early morning in my bedroom. Saturday’s a holyday for me. So I just take a rest with some contemplation in my bedroom. At the same time, those windows give me some inspiration. They bring me to this idea. So, I take my camera, and take those pictures.

The second one, it’s a windows of my living room. Look at the outside, more clear. A sunny day give their smile for me. A fresh morning ready for us. Watch your windows.

The third one, this is a windows at left side of my house. It’s the true window. Look at that window, we can see another build (neighbour’s house). Hm, I can hear some noisy from this windows. My neighbour’s voices. I can smell some aroma’s of the neighbour cooks. Such as fried-rice, smell of belacan (you know belacan…?), etc. It’s yummy.

It’s all about stories of my windows. What about your windows…? Do you like your windows…?


Morning’s Contemplation

It’s last year. Someone on the beach,early morning. Just walking around the beach. She was waiting for the sunshine come from the east. Finally, the sun smile for her. It’s make her soul warm. Enjoyable and peaceful. At the moment, she’s happy. I don’t know why. I thing life’s beautiful. Morning sunshine make her heart more brightness. It’s make her soul smiling too. What a beautiful life.

That’s all. It’s just a morning’s contemplation. Take your sun for your soul. Sun for the life as the morning smile. Do you like sunshine on the early morning….?