Waiting for The Sunrice


I was waiting for the sunrice when this picture’s taken. It’s a jorrney to my parent village. Far. far away from Palembang. Surabaya village, a rural area at Ogan Komering Ulu Timur distric in South Sumatera Province,

It’s windy, and cool, but I liked. Finally, I have enough time to make that journey come true. Surabaya, someday, i’ll be back for you.



Yeah, Durian. We called it “Duren”. It’s yummy fruit for me. This is South Sumatera Durian. Because it colour’s yellow, we named it with Duren Tembaga. Just visit my province, South Sumatera. Now is time for this fruit. Everywhere’s full with Durians. I said (in bahasa Indonesia), musim durian telah tiba….


Tekwan on The Drizzle

Almost sunset here. I eat “Tekwan”. At the same time, drizzle appear form the sky. So, I eat my tekwan with my energy. It’s yummy.

Tekwan (kind of meat-ball fish from my city, Palembang, South Sumatera) and the drizzle, what an awesome moment for me. I like Tekwan, and I like drizzle. That soup make me warm on the drizzle. Drizlle, make my soul more colourful. A bowl on the drizzle, hm yummy and nice moment. So, let’s try a bowl of tekwan, maybe you like it.