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Hi, how are you guys? Long time no see. Sometimes, my job make me very busy. But I loved this blog very much.

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See you soon.


It’s About A Cup of Coffee

It’s a cup of coffee, the only thing in my mind when I wake up in the morning. Yeah, a cup of coffee it’s a sexy an awesome drinks. In some situation, of course I prefer to choose a cup of coffee rather than other beverage. Especialy on an airplane, on a morning flight. That’s why i prefer to choose Garuda Indonesia, The National airplane in Indonesia. Because, Garuda Indonesia, the only domestic airplane that can make me chose a cup of coffee.

Here’s, you can see my story   http://lifestyle.kompasiana.com/urban/2013/06/13/nikmatnya-ngopi-di-balik-awan-bersama-garuda-indonesia-568366.html

Love in The Grassland

ImagePhotografer: Musli

God, look at the picture. It’s very beautiful, is not it. A wide grassland. A place where the wind blew the branches and moving the grass. Some of it  white flowers fly and dance wind the wind.

I like weeds. Because weeds taught me many thing about strongness. It.s the real rover. Thatch is a true explorer. Winds bring the flowers and the seeds everywhere untill thy reproduce.

I wish, I were there with my soulmate, hahahaha. Of course, only a dream. This lovely picture belong to my friend. I borrowed to be my posting here with his permission.  Someday this picture give me some inspiration so I can write a fiction.  Perhaps, a novel. Salam.