Gong Xi Fat Coi

Here come a new year for my chinesse friends. Something that we call as “Imlek”. It’s a glory day, it’s a holyday. Great time, great moment for us. Parent and their children take an hopelly day. Children happy with their angpao, runnning with their lampion, and happy with their special food such as “Kue Keranjang” and “Jeruk Shantang”. Me too. I’m happy with those imlek memorize in my past time when I was a child.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to tell u,tell the world,

“Happy Imlek. Happy New Year. Gong xi fat coi….. ”


Tekwan on The Drizzle

Almost sunset here. I eat “Tekwan”. At the same time, drizzle appear form the sky. So, I eat my tekwan with my energy. It’s yummy.

Tekwan (kind of meat-ball fish from my city, Palembang, South Sumatera) and the drizzle, what an awesome moment for me. I like Tekwan, and I like drizzle. That soup make me warm on the drizzle. Drizlle, make my soul more colourful. A bowl on the drizzle, hm yummy and nice moment. So, let’s try a bowl of tekwan, maybe you like it.