Hi, Blogspot Gw Berubah loh

Waw, jamuran juga blog ini. Payo, nyonya datang nih, mana taburan beras kunyitnya hehe ūüėä.

Seriously, this blog’s very… nice for me. In the first, this blog’s special for me to update and sharing about journey. But…, sometimes my journey’s posted in my blogspot.

Well, I think it’s no problemo. Gak apa-apalah.Just want to give you a news, my blogspot was change to privat domain : http://www.ellysuryani.com.

See you there. Bye.



It’s About A Cup of Coffee

It’s a cup of coffee, the only thing in my mind when I wake up in the morning. Yeah, a cup of coffee it’s a sexy an awesome drinks. In some situation, of course I prefer to choose a cup of coffee rather than other beverage. Especialy on an airplane, on a morning flight. That’s why i prefer to choose Garuda Indonesia, The National airplane in Indonesia. Because, Garuda Indonesia, the only domestic airplane that can make me chose a cup of coffee.

Here’s, you can see my story¬†¬† http://lifestyle.kompasiana.com/urban/2013/06/13/nikmatnya-ngopi-di-balik-awan-bersama-garuda-indonesia-568366.html

The Shapeless Hate

I looked at today. There was no sense except hate. No, not you but the hate itself. Hate was shapeless and did not form. But it was real Like the fog that covered the view when it’s arrived at my face. Ah, how much hate is excruciating. It’s mistery. So, just get rid of this hate. Flash, with just one hand stamped. After all, it’s just like the fog in front of my face. Just throw it, or leave. Done. Case’s over.


Dance O free minds
Before you leave the former step
Before raindrop be swift
Before you shake off a sense of despair

So she too danced
just as the “flavor” danced her despair.
You, have you danced your taste …?
Was desperate to dance ….?

Something In My Mind

It’s a quiet situation, and I liked it. It’s two weeks ago. I just closed my eyes. Tried to read my heart, my soul, my mind. At the time, some breeze come to my heart. Some whisper of palm tree come to my ear. Nice, breeze, and quiet. What a wonderful moment. Something in my mind, it’s a quietly contemplation. So let’s try to looking for our nice mind in everywhere.