Sense Of Her “April”

Someone was standing in a spot of the earth. Dots on all these degrees north latitude and those degrees south latitude. Star studded sky in front oh her, friend. The sky was giving her a slightly different flavor. There is a sense come to her. He, she doesn’t know what flavor. That sense ‘s difficult to define.

After all fifteen minutes, finally someone who was staring at the sky sighed. Sighed because it realized that this is the first day in the month of April. Yes this is the feeling that her “April”. She named it so. For suppose it will usually arrive simultaneously with the arrival in April. A feeling that is born of joy to welcome the month of April. A burst of flavor that comes from the soul when the month of April arrived. She too smiled. Finally, suppose it is also undefined. Sense of April. Pain is to “April”.

When she was smiling, smiling at herself, something pierce her soul. Something flushed with happiness. Like a green colour around her. Cool. Soft. Heartfelt embrace until a relief and peace emerged. Maybe like arrow from above lover come to her heart.

Uh, she chuckled herself was so aware her feeling been flying so far. Retreat is a matter of days long past. The first day when love blossoms in April. What a long day. Thus sensation comes every April arrived. She smiling, came a smell that came to the smell. Some roses in the right corner where she stood apparently were in bloom. Small roses with delicate signature scent. That roses achieved instantly and kissed with all flavors.

Hey, look at it like that, amazing for me. I have shifted the center to leave him this happy. I do not want to disturb her. At least I’m happy he’s still keeping his old happiness today. The day arrived in April. The Flower of Wild Grass (Ilalang) I have wandered again my friend. Wherever the south wind will take me. Everywhere. Whenever he wanted.

Before the South wind blow me again, I want to pray for you all. Hope this April will blow a sense of happiness and joy. Come, to “April” is our feeling


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