Sembilang, A Paradise’s Mangrove From South Sumatera

If the north wind has made you uncomfortable with the rover. If the west wind has been so often you visited. If the east wind has made you bored. So, come to the south’s a new direction you can go. Yes let the south wind brings your body and your soul. Beautiful traveled to the south. Sembilang was the name, a paradise of mangrove from South Sumatera, Indonesia.

Sembilang, Sembilang National Park, a mangrove area with all the biota and completeness of their habitats. This is a divine gift of a natural area, the beautiful paradise of mangrove. This are is located in the district Banyuasin, South Sumatra Province. About 4 hours drive from the city of Palembang. This original mangrove area in the shape of nature, not the area that deliberately artificial humans, with an area of 205,750 hectares. According to the survey results Wetland International Indonesia Program in 2004 there is a mangrove. Best mangrove and widest for west region of Indonesia. According to the survey results Carbon and Environmental Research in 2008 Sembilang mangrove area is the best in the world mangrove after Papua.

There are 17 species of mangrove (true mangrove), 6 species of mangrove follow-up, 8 species of swamp forest vegetation. Even the kind that has destroyed on other places. In addition the region has a diversity of flora Sembilang such as various types of orchids, many species of palm. Neither some diversity of animal such as mangrove;s tiger, Sumatran Tiger, various species of monkeys, various types of squirrels, monkeys, and the Irrawaddy Dolphin Dolphins Bangkok. Various types of reptiles, there are also crocodiles and crocodile Sinyulong Estuary, there are also lizard and so on. Various species of birds, crabs, shrimp swamp, lobster, white shrimp, shrimp Dogol, Tiger Shrimp, grouper, fish Belanak, also typical Sembilang fish there. in October, thousands of migratory birds from various countries including from Siberia to fill the sky and swooped Sembilang there looking for food in the region. Very beautiful scenery you can see the picture above.

If you like origin of nature, enjoying and experiencing a diversity of biological landscape, then the National Park is an alternative Sembilang in southern Sumatra, you can visit. Come there friends, you will find a paradise of God provided for us in this mangrove area. I have once there, well … it felt like I was there again. I never forget splashing water licking my feet, which in my ankles crab crawl. Similarly, the sea waves from Bangka Strait on the other corner of the area, filled the soul. Come to Sembilang friends, paradise of mangrove from the south.

That’s a note of soul journey for today. I think my soul wandered back to the region. Sembilang National Park, South Sumatra potential should be developed, maintained, and preserved. If the hurly burly of the world make you boring and eventually make you tired, then the universe with this beauty is God’s grace can comfort our souls. That’s Sembilang National Park in my notes, one of God’s grace and favor in the form of a beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I end the note with the message of this nature for us ….. Which favors of your Lord will ye deny Which …..!? Let us think together.


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